The Lake House


UK, US and Australian covers for The Lake House

The Lake House will be released on October 20th in the US and Canada, October 21st in Australia and NZ, and October 22nd in the UK. I'll be publishing more information, including videos and tour dates, very soon on a brand new website that's almost ready to launch. (Keep an eye on facebook and instagram for updates on the new site.)

In the meantime, here's a glimpse of what you can expect...


An abandoned house…

After a particularly troubling case, Sadie Sparrow is sent on an enforced break from her job with the Metropolitan Police. She retreats to her beloved grandfather’s cottage in Cornwall but soon finds herself at a loose end. Until one day, she stumbles upon an abandoned house surrounded by overgrown gardens and dense woods, and learns the story of a baby boy who disappeared without a trace.

A missing child…

June 1933, and the Edevane family’s country house, Loeanneth, is polished and gleaming, ready for the much-anticipated Midsummer Eve party. For Eleanor, the annual party has always been one of her treasured traditions, but her middle daughter, Alice, sixteen years old and with literary ambitions, is especially excited. Not only has Alice worked out the perfect twist for her novel, she’s also fallen helplessly in love with someone she shouldn’t. But by the time midnight strikes and fireworks light up the night skies, the Edevane family will have suffered a loss so great they leave Loeanneth and never return. 

An unsolved mystery…

Seventy years later, in the attic writing room of her elegant Hampstead home, the formidable Alice Edevane leads a life as neatly plotted as the bestselling detective novels she writes. Until a young police detective starts asking questions about her family’s past and seeking to resurrect the complex tangle of secrets Alice has spent her life trying to escape…


Vale Ruth Rendell

When I was growing up my mum frequently suggested I read this Ruth Rendell novel or that, and each time I declined, rolling my eyes the way teenagers do when their parents make out-of-touch suggestions. A few years later, when I was around twenty, I bought a book that was part of a promotional deal entitling me to choose another one for half price. I browsed for a while before deciding, on a whim, on a book by an author called Barbara Vine. I can’t remember the name of the novel I’d gone into the bookstore to buy that day, but my copy of A Dark-Adapted Eye is still on my shelf. It is dog-eared and age-marked and loved. It is the novel more than any other that made me want to write, and I have since read every Vine and Rendell I could find. Vale Ruth Rendell. The very, very best at what she did.


Greetings from the desk

I'm back at my desk today working on The Lake House edits after a few weeks in the UK researching book #6. There are lots of things I love about being a writer, but nothing quite compares to the excitement of a new idea taking root and beginning to grow.


It's coming...

The new book, October 2015.


Looking for a good book?

Pale bookish-type spotted at beach! Presumed lost. (The three recommended reads are definitely worth a look, though.)