Press enquiries

For publicity enquiries:

In Australia and NZ, please contact Andy Palmer at Allen & Unwin.

In the UK and Ireland, please contact  Philippa McEwan or Chloe Healy at Pan Macmillan.

In the US and Canada, please contact Mellony Torres at Atria.

In Germany and Austria, please contact Julia Jerosch at Diana Verlag.

In France, please contact Sophie Thiebaut at Presses de la Cite.

In Spain, please contact Marta Donada Gutierrez at Suma.

In Norway, please contact Anne Iversen at Schibsted Forlag. 

For foreign rights enquiries, please contact Wenona Byrne at Allen & Unwin.





You can write to Kate Morton at:

PO Box 5012
Paddington Q 4064

or drop her a note here. Please read on for info regarding endorsements and bookclub requests.



Kate loves to read almost as much as she loves to write. She also loves to receive books in the post. Unfortunately with hundreds of requests for endorsements each year it's impossible for Kate to read everything she's sent. It is also getting difficult to move in her office without tripping over. In the interests of saving paper (yours) and limbs (Kate's), please don't send books in need of blurbs until Kate either retires from writing, works out how to manufacture units of time, or builds a bigger office. 


Bookclub requests:

Kate loves book clubs but is unable to attend any discussions at the moment, even--and this makes her very sad--when there are promises of cake and coffee; this is because she is so busy writing her next book and managing the needs of her small people (funnily enough, often cake). Please have an extra slice on Kate's behalf. 

  Kate is represented by Selwa Anthony